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Plan Management

Our plan management service provides you with the information and support you need to manage your NDIS funds.

Our experienced financial services experts can help you manage the day to day administration that comes with an NDIS plan.

Through Help to You Plan management offers you both choice and flexibility as you have access to a range of services providers, whether they are NDIS approved or not NDIS approved. This puts the decision making process in your hands allowing you to choose your preferred providers.

Providing it is included in your NDIS plan Management is of no out of pocket cost to you.

So why choose Help to You Plan Management?

Allows you to choose the providers you prefer whether registered through NDIS or not
Takes away the headache of managing invoices and payment
Provides you with support and assistance around how to find the service providers you want
Helps you decode the content of your NDIS plan to see where you can access the services you need
Provides reports to show you how much has been spent and how much you have remaining
Manages your service agreements with your preferred providers.